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Once upon a time, five people had a concept. It was The Lair. Only one of these five remains, but throughout the years of the Lair's existance it has in fact grown to encompass many, and while not as active as it once was, it will never truely die.

Seriously, we're a closed (and now locked) community. But if we know you, and we like you and your muses, we might let you in. So, the question is...do you feel lucky, punk? *beat* Well? DO YOU?

The List! (And there is an ungodly lot of us. For we are all Muse whores. Yes we are.)

Host: dreamscribe - Abby
Musing journal: weavemeadream
Communities: realmoftwilight and morphean_ink
ancientguardian - Liam (immortal)
asifigiveashit - Soren Sullivan (18)
asmoothoperator - Kamili Spencer (21)
baregracemisery - Ahriman (immortal)
becauseibelieve - Gwydion Mukidouburi (22)
bitchonwheels - Marion Reynell (immortal)
dodge_anything - The Artful Dodge (unknown)
figlia_di_ombra - Therese "Terry" Salvatici-Patroclus (immortal)
inandoutoftime - Kacia Shastri (immortal)
invisiblemirage - Corinna Rozier (26)
just_say_om - Sohalia Rao (unknown)
lovelydeceiver - Kaiya Kagami (5, physically/mentally 22)
momentintime - Saniya Shastri (immortal)
otiosepirouette - Trista Caraway (16)
parodistofluck - Hobbes Reynell (18)
problemofchoice - Calvin Salvatici (18)
raiu_kasai - Raiu Kasai (24)
replaced_wisdom - Sophia Kaczka (unknown)
sacrednightmare - Lysandra (immortal)
songofsilence - Kassatsu "Kassa" Mukidouburi (16)
spunkandshadow - Vian (deceased, appears 17)
sunriseiscoming - Cira "Nox" Sullivan (20)
true_moonshine - Nakigoe Mukidouburi (22)
twisted_chimera - Benjamin "Ben" Salvatici (immortal)
veilofevening - Tokoyami (immortal)
weave_a_dream - Chavez Manoso (19)

Host: scampster4 - Carlen
Musing journal: randomnifity
Community: endless_voices
curseofchronos - Kyle Matthews
dads_lil_defect - Alexis "Lex" Meir
dusk_hunter - Max Huntington
fuckyourshitup - JD
happinessinabox - Kira Teranika
moronforsale - Jordan James
itaddsupnicely - Thatcher Mada
marilynwasright - Anastasia "Anya" Danbury
onlittlecatfeet - Tanaya "Tani" Teranika
outofthinair - Sawyer James
rhythmandspunk - Elena Rodriguez
seebeyondsight - Jason Meir
skitz_kitz - Kita "Kitz" Murphy
whats_the_catch - Jay
whohowandwhy - Cody Shea

Host: starshone_storm - Caryl
Musing journal: heartofthestorm
Community: pipitea_muse
acrossthetears - Takato Matsuki
aizairenjian - Jenrya "Jen" Lee
bubblegumrock - Bronwyn "Bron" Kerr
cardqueen - Ruki Nonaka
imanaturalblue - Dory
infelix_domina - Antigone "Tiggie" Nicholls
jupitermage - Ivan Hammet
legendarytamer - Ryo Akiyama
llanescalling - Alicia Wakefield
lunadust - Luna Starr
meow_mosrael - Ciaryn "Ci" Raeleth
mirroredflaws - Liam "Li" Kavanagh
morninggloria - Caitlin Gloria "Glory" Wakefield
realslimsadie - Sadie Kerr
silentscribe - Sera Owens
solshine - Sol Starr
spherebound - Aurelia Reid
stainedwhites - Calix "Cal" Nielsen
trabianlass - Selphie Tilmitt
triggeringtruth - Vanessa "Nessa" Morrison
withoutasong - Russell "Russ" Wakefield

Host: kitsune_eyes - Nell
Musing Journal: kitsune_muse
Community: cryptictraverse
_notthepoint - Sarah Marsden
maliciousglee - Dinae Mochrie
behereawhile - Charlotte Hartwin
hoshiko_nori - Hoshiko Nori
jaded_idealist - Darius McKenndrick
justgonameless - Aphrodite "Dite" James
lamortdedame - Gabriella Laroque
overtallure - Leyna James
sunnyweather - Dimitrov "Miti" Stierne

Host: vincent_kinneas - Vincent Kinneas
Musing journal: target_range
Community: snipers_range
cajun_cardshark - Remy LeBeau aka Gambit
chaos_bringer - Neros
earthen_fury - Terra
electricdreamer - Brodie 'Boost' Marinaris
faithinthelight - Sapyra
fighting_spirit - Zell Dincht
iain_armstrong - Iain Armstrong
junior_spark - Sally Russell
kingofhalloween - Jack Skellington
nervous_spark - Viran
ocarinasong - Link
sugar_high_seed - Selphie Tilmitt
strengthofsoul - Kirando Sternaz
sweet_cynicism - Sakura Marinaris
tower_seeker - Roland Deschain
truth_in_death - Simon Fuller

Hosts-only communities: evil_musings and demented_hosts

Transcripts community: manic_scripting

Icon and GIP community: icons_of_evil

Note to Muse community: note_to_muse

Muse High School community: highschool_hell

Other Muses' communities! (They're not in the Lair, but we all love them anyway!)

Rin's Muses: circa_innocence
Jess's Muses: rancid_light13
Mel's Muses: chaotic_harmony, nomadicdrifters
Dixey's Muses: perfectkismet
Cara's Muses: wildfictives
Lara's Muses: muserealm
Rhye's Muses: obliviousnirvan, tettias